What We Do


The Objects of the Foundation’s constitution fulfil our purpose and inform our vision and strategic framework, objectives and plans.
Our establishment can best be described for:

The principal purpose of advancing education and promoting awareness, for the public benefit of traditional & complementary medicine (T&CM) and health services and its benefits in treating psychological, spiritual and/or physical health issues of individuals.
This is essentially a leadership role on behalf of the entire T&CM industry and will be achieved through:
SoulAdvisor Foundation

(a) conducting and/or publishing the results of independent scientific research into the effectiveness of different complementary therapies, directed at expanding human knowledge and establishing the Company as a thought leader and educator in the area of wellness

SHARE – the SoulAdvisor Health Access Repository of Excellence contains the latest global, peer reviewed, evidenced-based research that illustrates how T&CM contributes to both the prevention and healing of the world’s most prominent and fatal non-communicable diseases including: Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke, Lung disease and Obesity.

Following the establishment of the SHARE, the Foundation will commence the planning of further research projects either independently, or in conjunction with other aligned entities, foundations and institutions.

Initially, the key modalities of interest are:
Nutrition, Yoga, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Massage, Naturopathy, Hypnotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Physiotherapy and Aromatherapy, Qigong and Tai chi.

SoulAdvisor Foundation

(b) improving and increasing the awareness of, and educating the public about, the health benefits of complementary health services in treating, preventing and reducing the impact of any health issues through online, printed and digital content, multimedia platforms, as well as holding events, seminars and/or classes and experiential activities for the public

As the SoulAdvisor Foundation is part of a credible global community, it is important to broaden our reach and message across different markets. Therefore, working with the press to support the facilitation of messages and latest research across borders is critical.

Further, contributing to health and wellness sectors globally by working with strategic and aligned partners in tertiary institutions, global associations and research facilities.

We will also have a dedicated team of volunteer Purpose Ambassadors who will advance education and raise awareness of T&CM via social media, presenting, writing and word of mouth engagement with the public and our industry colleagues.

SoulAdvisor Foundation

(c) developing and executing various media/marketing channels to engage the community and educate the public as to how the use of complementary health services may alleviate suffering caused by disease or chronic illness

The Foundation has a comprehensive marketing and communications program launching in 2021 that aims to raise awareness of the benefits of T&CM as well as to translate the complexities of T&CM information as it relates specifically to the prevention and healing of non-communicable diseases.

This is not limited to, but will include community events in key markets, latest news and information updates. Members of the public, doctors, T&CM practitioners and other professionals in the research and education area will be welcomed to these educational and interactive events.

SoulAdvisor Foundation

(d) supporting projects, including through provision of funds, expertise or other resources, that advance education and expand human knowledge of complementary medicine and its health benefits

To support our vision to contribute to both the prevention and healing of the world’s most prominent non-communicable diseases through education, research and raising public awareness of the benefits of traditional and complementary medicine (T&CM) as outlined in our Business Model.

Profits generated from our commercial business (SoulAdvisor Pty Ltd), co-created through the activities of our purpose-driven community are reinvested into the SoulAdvisor Foundation.


Our pro-bono program “The Kindness Program” has been established to connect vulnerable people with experienced T&CM practitioners to improve global healing across non-communicable diseases.

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