Who We Are


Elain Younn

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Elain is widely regarded in philanthropic & business sectors for her significant contribution to improving the lives of the vulnerable and sick, as well as for her passion and investment in education. A mother of three, she is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, intuitive businesswoman, wellness practitioner and Founder & CEO of the SoulAdvisor Foundation.

Deborah Shepherd

Chief Operating Officer

Deborah has held global executive leadership roles and built organisations within the wealth management industry.

As a qualified T&CM practitioner, she has personally supported many people through her services of energy healing, Reiki and aromatherapy. While also creating a purpose-driven community, who educated the general public on the benefits of complementary health through their experiential and innovative events.

She is widely known across the industry and broader community for her commitment to developing the professionalism and accessibility of the T&CM sector.