What is SoulAdvisor Foundation?

SoulAdvisor Foundation is a ‘not for profit’ foundation. Established to advance education and promote an awareness of complementary health and its benefits to your overall wellbeing.


Our global mission is to inspire and encourage proactivity in attaining total wellbeing, assist in managing chronic conditions and to offer ways to explore how the wellness industry may enhance your everyday.


By providing opportunities to access educational content from a trusted resource, publishing independent research, hosting events and seminars and by supporting aligned projects, we aim to expand the collective knowledge around wellness.


We believe when we nurture our wellbeing, life is lived with a sense of ease and influences our ability to enjoy our relationships with family, friends, community and our planet – healing our world, one step at a time.

How does SoulAdvisor Foundation work?


100% support received
from our global community


Building awareness of wellness industry through education


Providing access to a trusted resource focused on your total wellbeing

Ways to get involved?