“Wellness is more than an absence of a disease”




The idea to set up a dedicated ‘not for profit’ foundation for the purpose of educating and promoting awareness of complementary health was inspired by a vision of global wellness.


Often we can focus on what is not working, and how we improve our world. Be it environmentally, socially, financially, locally or globally and too often we become paralysed with overwhelm, not knowing where to start or even if we could make a difference.


Rather than focusing on what problems need to be fixed, we asked a different question.


What if the world functioned on values of kindness, gratitude, compassion, peace, joy, authenticity, connection, and we function from a place of being well – what would the world look like?


And what if the healing we crave to see in the world truly began with us?


What came out of this question birthed SoulAdvisor Foundation.  To ensure a solid foundation to this global quest, steps were taken to set up the right structure – a ‘not for profit’ foundation dedicated to educate, inform and support each other in our wellness journey.


When we function from a place of wellness, we are engaged, vibrant and healthy. We believe you can achieve this through a conscious decision to regularly nourish your mind, body and soul.


Wellness is your birthright. Deciding to have wellness as a priority rather than seen as a luxury, is something we invite you to start today.


Begin from a place of being informed, educated and supported to honour your unique definition of total wellness. For when we are truly well, our world thrives.


SoulAdvisor Foundation’s educational objectives cover:


  • Events and seminars to explore the benefits of complementary health;
  • Inviting thought leaders and healers on a global scale to share ideas,
  • Conducting and publishing scientific, independent research on the effectiveness of different complementary therapies, and
  • Financial support & resource projects that would expand our collective knowledge of wellness.



Our structure will ensure 100% funds raised would be allocated to these objectives, while covering operational costs and ensuring a legacy remains to continue expanding an awareness of complementary health for future generations.

How it works?